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Meth Test WA is a family owned and operated business designed to meet the needs of our local community. Methamphetamine, more commonly referred to as ice or meth, is a stimulant narcotic which is usually smoked, swallowed or injected. This drug has become particularly prominent due to its highly addictive qualities, relative low cost and ‘fast high-fast crash’ nature. Methamphetamine use in Australia has risen dramatically over the past decade, resulting in more clandestine drug labs being discovered to meet the demand.

The residue left from cooking and smoking methamphetamine produces a range of hazards detrimental to our health. The Australian government has recommended that no premises has a methamphetamine residue testing above .5μg/100cm². Exposure to methamphetamine residue can be from direct touch, ingesting contaminated foods or through inhalation. Severity of side effects generally relate to the level of contamination, and some associated with methamphetamine contamination include: Migraines, fatigue & depression, behaviour change, disrupted sleep patterns, respiratory problems, Asthma & persistent coughing. According to the Department of Health, “WA has the highest meth use of all states and territories.”

We provide services to a range of clients.



Meth Test WA offers the following services:

Basic Screening

Basic Screening

In this service, a range of samples will be taken from a premises and analysed for a positive or negative result. A positive result would indicate that the affected area is above 0.5μg/100cm2, and a remediation process will be offered.

Advanced Screening

Advanced Screening

In this service, samples will be taken from the premises and transported to a laboratory for a comprehensive screening. A report will be generated and issued to the client indicating specific levels found in each of the test samples, and a remediation plan will be offered.

Remediation Process

Remediation Process

If your premises tests positive for methamphetamine, we will provide you with a detailed remediation plan on how to decontaminate the property.


We provide services for private home owners, tenants, landlords, real estate agents, property managers and prospective buyers. Give yourself peace of mind by having your property screened and avoid potential health hazards.